Jessie Reeder is Assistant Professor of English at Binghamton University, specializing in nineteenth-century British literature, imperialism, and form. Other research and teaching interests include apocalypse, historiography, monstrosity, and gender. Her first book, The Forms of Informal Empire: Britain, Latin America, and Nineteenth-Century Literature (Johns Hopkins 2020), asks how authors responded to British-Latin American relations in the nineteenth century by writing new narratives of transnational contact. Her work can also be found in Victorian Literature and Culture, Studies in English Literature, Studies in Romanticism, and Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies. Jessie is also working with a team to digitize the newspapers printed by anglophone settlers in mid-nineteenth-century Chile, and she is beginning new work on literature and catastrophe. 

Jessie lives in Binghamton, New York with her family. She loves photography, running, cheesecake, and the mountains. More information about many of these interests and projects can be found by browsing this site.

All images on this site (except those on the Syllabi page and the one below) are photographs by Jessie.